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Hidden Village Trainer v0.65 

The game is currently getting overhauled! This version will not reflect the game after the overhaul.


Hidden Village Trainer is a Dating Simulator/Visual Novel/Slave Trainer game currently in development and takes place within the Naruto universe. During your adventure you will encounter characters, missions, slaves, and stories. Currently there are 4 girls available, more will be added at a later date. Sakura, Temari, Ino and Hinata are all available for you to train. Note: All girls are still currently a work in progress, some may have more or less content than others. 

How to play: 

Konan will help you start by guiding you to the slave market. Once you have a slave, you can train her at most of the town buildings. You and your slave have chakra, and can only preform a set amount of actions in one day. In order to unlock scenes for girls you have to get your stats above a certain threshold. 

Please leave feedback or questions here or patreon! I'm specifically requesting feedback on anything within the game, Thank you!

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Version 1
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Version 1
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Version 1

Development log


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Whenever I try to run the game I get a white screen, does anyone have a solutio


hello earth to saving

There are no new scene's for Ino other than masturbation even with her affection and obedience at 100 each. There is no method of training charisma despite that stat likely being the stat you have locked new scenes behind. Going to the training ground reduces my chakra by 5 despite that having been removed in your update notes. No new slaves have appeared in the slave house. Unable to accept the Bridge-builder quest that appeared. I am unable to see my own stats. Teuchi goes through his introduction each time I go to Ichiraku's despite having gone there before. I receive 2 less ryo than the stated amount when working at Ichiraku, I assume Teuchi is stealing exactly 2 each time. 

When sleeping while having multiple girls, only the girl you were on gets her chakra set to 100. I am unable to do anything at my original house to collect crops to further Tsunade's quest. I am also unable to train the girls once more when their chakra has hit 20 to reduce them to 0.

How do I accept missions, it won't let me accept any missions

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Can yyou make this game work on joiplay

got the windows version, game launches but only displays white screen. help?

can i play with one hand

Uh wow, okay i was severely taken aback. That was not what i was expecting.

uhhh it is basically all cropped from anime, can we at least have some Hi-res pic rework?



If i do bring it to android, it wont be for a long time. I'd have to gauge the interest and see if its even worth the effort


i didn't read the description at all and just downloaded the game. never making that mistake again.


hey sir. why are there slaves in your dating sim?


i love this game, plase make to android

How's progress going? It has been a while since the last status report, I had assumed you had quit since there hadn't been any posts for 5+ months.


I dont have any plans for mobile support at the moment

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Propably a dumb question, but whatever. So, what about male content?


Currently didnt cross my mind for this project. I'd have to figure out what the overall demand for that is before i considered putting time into it

No problem, take your time ~

Thank you for the reply, good luck and a good time in 2020.

how can you save

You cant save yet

Cool game! How much money should I give for the continuation?

Yo dude put a NSFW tag on it! 


it IS tagged as erotic though, and playing something labelled as a "dating simulator" at "work" is probably not a good idea in the first place


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Hey, i got Ino as my slave. When i click on the BJ option nothing pops up. It counts it in the menu as 1/0, 2/0 but no scenes?


is it because of the fact its still under developement? cause i cant use the S scene either with Ino D:

Hey, sorry a lot of things are going to be overhauled with the next update which should elevate the confusion. You have to make her work/train and get her stats to a certain point. Once you reach that you'll unlock the scene. But that system is being removed and its turning into a more story driven approach. I hope that helps. 


When I try to download it, it says there's no files to install?

What version are you downloading?


I'm trying to download the winows version, but neither of them are working. I am using the launcher, also. And instead of letting me download the game, it just brings me to the web page for your game.

I believe the issue is this "launcher" you're talking about. Try just downloading it straight from the website page. It worked every time i tried to open it (both versions).  

Alright, I'll give that a try in a bit then!

After investigating what the launcher was, i found the issue and it should be available via launcher in the next update.

y para cuándo la versión del juego para android

I don't plan on bringing the game to mobile. If that is what you are asking. 

wait is this different than KunoichiTrainer??

Yes, completely separate