Unfortunate Circumstances (Updates resuming)

So as some of you may know I took on a writer a while back. I thought we had an understanding, however we didn't quite have the same understanding of each other's long term goals/plans. 

I didn't know how per word commissioners operated and undertook projects. What I was really looking for was someone who would dedicate themselves to the project in a way a per word writer could not. So unfortunately the project was set back immensely and I'm really sorry about that. I should've gained a better understanding of the situation and realized it wasn't going to happen. 

Normal updates will resume next week. However, I am thinking of making my updates bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). The weekly updates were hard to maintain as building to all the platforms, then updating all the social media with the updates took a significant amount of time and resources. (updates will be bi-weekly unless I decide to push an update sooner) 

If you're interested in being part of the team you can DM me on patreon with some details about yourself and what you do. 

Thank you guys for the patience, I wont be giving up on the project, please trust me on that.  

TLDR: I misunderstood how per word writers function and thus the project was set back. Updates will resume next week and be bi-weekly (unless i decide otherwise).

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