Main Storyline now in Development! and Vote on Girls Storylines

Yesterday i was fortunate enough to get into contact with a great writer. We went over my outline and everything went really smoothly. They are now in the process of outlining the main story-line in Hidden Village Trainer. 

This main story-line includes, the main character and all the buildings within the town. I don't have a time-frame i can give yet that is accurate so i will hold off for now. 

As for the girls story-lines, those are to come after this whole outline is completed. The first girl who will receive a story-line is still to be decided. However, if you wish to influence which girl is chosen first there is a poll called What girl(s) storyline do you want to see first?

Remember, patreon's vote count as 5x a normal vote!

Updates will continue as usual.

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