Version x0.50

Version x0.50

-Started working on the Mission System  

-Added a new tab in the “Home” building. Sexy options were moved to this tab

-Added the ability to see if your slave has any available scenes, shown as 0/1 if scene is available

-Added descriptions for each stat in character creation

-Overhauled introduction scene

-Added a back button to the main menu in Character Creation

-Worked on some storyline

-Changed the buttons in the clan selection menu



Bug Fixes

-Music and SFX now work off the bat instead of when adjusted in options

-Fixed a prefab that was overriding itself with bad data

-Fixed the dialogue system from sometimes appearing to show blank images

-Fixed some minor errors in various scene texts

-Fixed multiple errors that it tried to access your selected slave if you didn’t have one


Hidden Village Trainer x0.50 81 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Hidden Village Trainer x0.50 71 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Hidden Village Trainer x0.50 Windows 66 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Hidden Village Trainer x0.50 Windows 68 MB
Jun 17, 2019

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Hello, my dear developer, I am loving the way you are doing this beautiful game, yes there are some bugs like the lack of initiation of some animations like the SEX in the last update that only duplicated the options of command, for example, I see that you Also have taken the animations in Narutopixxx, I personally found it cool to do this, as a beta of course, I would like you to start making your own animations or if you do not know, make a partnership with someone who can draw!
I love your project because it is the first one that has this theme of Naruto, I hope everything is going well and that it keeps coming out new and better and cooler updates!
keep up the good work buddy
You've gotten a big fan.
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I set up a bug reporting/feedback forum because I realized I lacked one. The images in the scenes are all placeholder; for how long? I don't know. But I do plan on hiring artists at some point to get original art. Animations will (probably) be a thing, but not until i start commissioning art. As for the "duplicated the options of command" I'm not quite sure what you mean by that? If you think its a bug you can report it on the bug forums, Thank you for the kind words.