Version 0.4 Fonts, Scenes, Linux and Mac!

This week i worked on making my life easier. I increased the speed at which i can make scenes drastically. The key scenes added this week are the Hinata one and Ino one listed below. I also got the Linux and Mac versions built. However, i don't have a way to test them yet. If they don't work, or have issues; there is no real way for me to fix them as it stands. So i apologize if they don't work or have issues, but i really hope they just work as is.

Thank you all for the support thus far! see you next week.

Major Changes (Ones you will probably care about)

-Added new Hinata Masturbation scene

-Changed the Temari Masturbation scene slightly

-Added font options for the dialogue system (color and font) more options TBA

-Added new Ino Masturbation scene

Other Changes

-Changed main menu background

-Created a new system to make scenes faster and easier than before

-Created a new system to test scenes fast

-Finished the “Choice” functionality (you can see this in the new Hinata/Ino scene)

-Changed the intro scene

-Changed how the dialogue system handles images/text for better visibility/consistency

Bug Fixes

-Fixed options music from never ending

-Fixed minor visual bug on main menu

-Fixed a bug where the players name wouldn’t disappear when the narrator was talking

-Fixed the training building image jolting on hover

-Fixed a font fallback issue causing an overflow

-Fixed certain letters such and the quote and period looking out of place

-Fixed many dialogue system issues


Hidden Village Trainer v0.40 68 MB
Jun 02, 2019
Hidden Village Trainer v0.40 65 MB
Jun 02, 2019
Hidden Village Trainer v0.40 81 MB
Jun 02, 2019
Hidden Village Trainer v0.40 Mac 70 MB
Jun 02, 2019

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